Dr Drane has initiated advocacy projects including The Property Development Doctor which is a Linked In group which includes practitioners, government, academic and media representatives.

Advocacy Initiative: The Property Development Doctor: A Linked In Group was created in early 2019 and seeks to give apartment owners peace of mind from the risk of dangerous defects.

How Can You Support the Defects Dilemma Initiative ?

Apartment owners are able to lobby their body corporate committee and building manager to participate for free in our initial assessment process which includes an initial survey.

Participate for Free in our free building defects analysis which includes a free assessment and a quick survey.

Register  for a place at our upcoming webinar series  which provides updates and industry engagement related to the ‘The Defects Dilemma’

Learn More about how the historical decay in property development and building systems have contributed to the level of defects in high rise apartment buildings.

Learn More about our Linked In Group called ‘The Property Development Doctor’ which is dedicated to bringing peace of mind to multi-storey apartment owners. Please join.