The Building Regulatory Reform Summit (2018) was the only national review of the building defects issue prior to the new Design and Building Act legislations started in 2019. Weight was given to other reports like the Lambert and Weir Shergold reports as time went on. This summit and its incredible list of expert speakers really cut new ground also.

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From the 21st to the 22nd of February 2018, a Building Regulatory Reform Summit was held in Canberra that brought together Australia’s leaders and strategists in building control to identify opportunities and weaknesses in the current building regulatory framework.

Facilitated by the Building Products Innovation Council (BPIC) on behalf of the wider building industry, the Summit explored the views and concerns of over 40 government, industry and community organisations involved with or affected by the building control system.

‘The Summit was aimed at uncovering the inflection points where small tweaks could lead to big change, and conceiving mechanisms and new governance models that might produce a more consistent and effective national building control paradigm – regardless of differences in jurisdictional approaches or the amount of funding allocated to the administration of these systems. ‘ BPIC

Summit Web Page

Summit Programme

Summit Programme

A White Paper on Regulatory Reform

A white paper emerged from the summit in April 2018 and is in progress at the time of this publication.

White Paper Published on BPIC Web Page

White Paper PDF

Dr Drane: Invited Speaker covers the history of decay

Dr Drane covers the history of decay of property development systems and practices at the Building Regulatory Reform Summit.

Presentation By Dr Jonathan Drane

Dr Jonathan Drane

13 August 2021

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