Dangerous Building Defects chronology
Chronology of Building Defects in Apartment Towers Australia
Chronology of Building Defects in Apartment Towers, Australia

Building Defects and Tragedy

The rise in defects in the multi-apartment tower sector in Australia ( and the world) is a troubling issue and people are being left homeless, with loss of property and sometimes dying due to poorly constructed buildings in this sector.

The issue goes far beyond the simple analysis of the defect itself and needs a forensic understanding of the culture of creation of buildings in this sector and class. The deterioration of professionalism across all aspects of delivery has been a central theme which is being addressed through legislative movement. However such legislations and the problem are explained by historical and cultural views which show endemic structures and systems.

Research Method

The Defects Dilemma is a longitudinal research project with both historical and case analysis methods. This includes chronology and observed trends through social research methods. Statistical analysis will include anlaysis of geographic and cultural clusters.

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Share Your Story

Please share your story with us so we can continue to understand and map the nature and severity of this problem and to hopefully end up with safe well designed high rise dwellings, where you can sleep at night comfortably without fear of fire or structural uncertainties let alone property losses.

Dr Jonathan Drane