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Multi-apartment towers are showing dangerous defects and some have historical causes.

After the horrors of cases like Grenfell and Champlain Tower it is important to understand your tower’s history of development and its risk factors related to location, weather and other environmental factors.

We can undertake a history check on your apartment tower. It is a pilot initiative so please help us by simply reading our flyer and registering on the form on this page.

What does it find?

The initial history check investigates three areas:

-When was the apartment tower built

-Who built it

-How it was built

An Initial Historical Risk Profile

These factors combine to create an historical risk profile that can be categorised against similar tower examples and city regions. For example your apartment tower might have been developed in a particular high growth zoning precinct in a particular era that attracted developers and builders with inadequate professionalism and systems.

The Champlain case example ( see video below) refers to 1980s developers from outside the region who capitalised on the development environment and created a ‘time bomb’ that is said to have led to the tragedy and many lives lost.

Why is it important?– To save lives- watch this video with Dr Jon Drane explaining how our not for profit initiative works.

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The Defects Dilemma Background: Dr Drane’s Research into Property Development Structures

Thank you for your interest in our research projects.

Your participation in our project may save lives one day.

Dr Jonathan Drane
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