Literature Map- Dangerous Building Defects

Building Defects Literature Map - Dr Jon Drane- Australia

The incident of dangerous building defects in apartment towers around the world is growing and threatening our peace of mind. There is comprehensive historical literature review of building defects. We have created a literature map for building defects using the latest mapping technology. Feel free to use our literature map on where you can share your latest research paper and add it to the map. We have established a literature map on which assists researchers to stay up to date.

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Literature maps help researchers review literature for gaps and points of impact. They are useful in both academic and industry related research projects to help gain traction and market interest.

Research projects usually start with a Literature Review which involves using tools such as search engines ( e.g. google scholar) and document management and reference systems (e.g. Endnote and Mandalay).

Remembering Building Defects and their Impact

At the time of writing this page there has been a decade of dangerous defects across the world including Grenfell and Champlain. Our chronology and youtube video collectoin keeps us in touch with the past:

Thanks for your interest in our research into dangerous building defects in apartment towers.

Dr Jonathan Drane
Dr Jonathan Drane