(Repost of part of previous article on Defects August 2016)

The Griffith University Strata and Community Title 2015 focused on building defects in the multi-apartment tower sectors in Australia.

Dr Drane was invited by Griffith University and UNSW Built Environment to give a Builder’s view of defects.

My article – ‘Defects a Builder’s View’ which was presented at the  Strata and Community Title in Australia for the 21st Century 2015 Conference run by Griffith University. Here is the link to that conference and my article which drew some media attention at the time.

Griffith Uni Strata Conference 2015 Link

Defects: A Builder’s View By Dr Jonathan Drane Article Link

Dr Drane provided a example of a dramatic benchmark defects case in Sydney (Called The Drowned Building) and placed it on a ‘Defects Scenario Matrix’ which compared current Design and Construct ( D&C) delivery methods with the process used on the case example and traditional delivery methods.

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